Could Cube oranges' CAN bus and I2c bus used simultaneously?

i have here3 and here flow both working perfectly with CAN bus enabled.

but i tried to use the i2c port with VL53L1X Lidar sensor and beneweke tf luna i2c sensor separately, but they won’t work. i tested them using a Arduino and sensor modules working fine.

without i2c bus i cannot use any kind of i2c sensors for my project. is there any workaround for this?

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If you wish to use CAN, then use splitter that comes with the cube and give a try.

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They should work. You may try to power them separately as you may have connected too much peripheral to the Cube.

i powered them separately. as i tried 4.1 dev . vl53lx1 sensor started to working with i2c. but still no response for benweke i2c sensor.

I’m starting to think, the required library/coding is not within the cube to work properly in the first place. even though in the documentation it says it can use.

From your screenshot I don’t think you’re on the correct page.

In the TF-Luna ardupilot setting page I don’t see RNGFND1_ADDR is needed

yes, its because cube is programmed only for serial mode with those sensors.
but these modules have multiple interface options, which i was trying to get to use the i2c mode of the tf-luna module.
it would be nice, if we get i2c support for tf luna module as well. i know its a long shot.

In this case I doubt if the I2C driver is even exist for this sensor, as the wiki states its serial setup only. You may need to raise a topic on ardupilot forum.