CRASH after compass calibration

Hi everyone

I’ve been using Cube for years; first I used Cube Black then I switched to Orange and Orange+

A few days ago I did the compass calibration again (GPS HERE3+) and at the end of the process I heard 3 descending scale sounds (let’s say “unhappy scale”). I know perfectly well that at the end of the calibration the scale must be increasing but the green bar of the calibration process on MissionPlanner had reached 100% with the word “Success” and on the Hud of MissionPlanner (in EKF) I had a regular situation, so I decided to take off.

Drone ungovernable and insensitive to any RC command… then CRASH !!!

I’m almost 100% sure that the problem is in the compass calibration (also because previous flights were regular) but now I have 2 questions to ask:

  1. for what strange reason do I have a conflict of information? descending beep scale but “Success” message on MP and zero fault alerts

  2. why is this damned system so unstable? if the compass is calibrated it works wonders but a cat hair out of place is enough to precipitate everything. Checks all activated in ARMING_CHECK. Yet there should be redundancy to avoid this or a tighter check before taking off if all is not more than OK

Do you have any recommendations?