CRASH! Can you help to understand what happened? Copter 3.6.10 Cube Black

Today I experienced an awful crash with my hexacopter. Unfortunately I have no video of the crash. The copter was flying fine in loiter then looks like it disarmed in air.

The logs:

Hope you can help me to understand what happened.
Kind regards…

Here is the video of Mission Planner that shows a possible reboot in flight.

Can you explain your total setup. They don’t just reboot without some power issue generally.

Ardu code is crazy solid at this point from this kind of thing, not impossible not not at all common.

I’d be looking at your whole power setup first of all,

How are you powering the Cube ?
What battery system ?
Do you have power redundancy setup ?

Cube Black on a Spektreworks carrier board, two Here Gnss configured to use best. Lightware Sw20 on serial and an rfd900x. Industrial grade tmotors and two 6S Tattu 12000 lipos in parallel connected to the main battery input. This setup had some successful flights until today…

Any chance this is related? I notice a temporary compass unhealthy message.

From what I see, your log abruptly ends with no sign of anything wrong. It’s beyond my experience.

@Naterater and you are a very experienced pro!

After reading many posts I believe it’s related to the watchdog or a brownout. But hope Cube and Ardupilot guys can shed some light. It’s the first time I see something like this… Copter 3.6.11 seems to have important fixes. Will give a try.

Solution either way is 3.6.11

Also, if you are not powering your RFD900x separately, that can cause this

Hi @philip,

RFD900x has dedicated power. As you said in the other thread it seems to be related to the I2C storm issue. Randy confirmed here

It was unfortunated… let’s rebuild the aircraft and fly again with 3.6.11.

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My 3.6.10 Cube Black decided to start misbehaving today.
The visual cue on power-up was White LEDs on the Here2 GNSS, changing to blue and gradually fading down asymetrically. No usual yellow blinking, followed by red-blue-red-blue flashing and the rest of the regular blinking. Associated with audio cue from Yaapu’s telemetry reporting twice “unable to reset AK09916”
Cancelled the flight and went back to shop. Upgrading to 3.6.11 yelded “check BRD_TYPE, unable to upgrade I/O firmware”. Went thru Rover and back to Copter 3.6.11, same LED and AK09916 behaviour as on 3.6.10. I think it’s a RMA.

Please keep topics separated.
Your issue is unrelated to this issue.

The lights you saw were the Here2 in can bootloader mode.

Try loading plane 3.9.11 on it, allow it to fully boot up, then load copter 3.6.11 on it.

Please start a new topic, and respond there.

Asking for help is the right step, assuming things are broken is just panic for no reason.