Create custom UI


I have a custom user interface (made of html/css/js) to control my vehicle, and I would like to use it through Herelink.
I know QGroundControl exist, but it seems quite complexe to modify, and it will be easier if I could just reuse what I already have.

So my need is to find a way to route my commands from my user interface to the vehicle using the Herelink.

Is there a way to send commands (ideally sockets) to an endpoint on the controller which will then transfert it to the vehicle ?
Or if there is an android library allowing to send commands through Herelink, I could also interface my current UI in it.

I have a hard time finding documentation on this topic. If some docmentations exits, it could be really helpful for me!
Don’t hesitates to propose me your ideas if you think they are better ways to do this :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help