Critical bulletin & "mission planner"

“If Mission planner flags your code, contact your local re-seller,”
Mission planner runs on windows, windows is not really something I would involve in anything that flies.
please catch up with QGC or MAVProxy, for serious operating systems. :slight_smile:

Can you explain why you think like this?
Is this post based on a reading, or an experience?


both QGC and MAVProxy also run on windows. QGC also runs on android. MAVProxy obviously runs on anything that can run python.

Aside from that, the Ground Control station doesnt have anything to do with the actual flight mechanics so I am failing to see why windows would be a problem here. A good pilot will also have a handheld transmitter and be observing the whole flight ready to take control at any point.

All users are serious, but some users are more serious than others.

For legal BLOS flight, we need a GCS, in order to always be in control.
The GCS needs to be reliable, also the OS needs to be reliable.
Simply put: Windows/MP is not reliable enough, there have been to many problems with some upgrade, or new MP release where something else stopped working.

QGC also alerts users of service bulletins.

If a service bulletin requires a code change for a hardware check or something, it’s up to the maintainers of the GCS to support the service bulletin, not the other way around. CubePilot does alert them, though, of course.

I am integrating mainly CAD, Autopilot taken images and orthomosaic photos. Unfortunately CAD developers are Windows based and have been since the start. Professionally I need the best CAD & I’m a bit stuck with windows. The other software I use to create the orthmosaic’s is also Windows based, moreover.
QGC is very good I like the features but Mission Planner is equal and a bit more user friendly in my opinion. That alone is a flight safety bonus.
Windows has crashed more times than I wish However EFK, Compasses, and GPS modules crash all the time. I have no percentage but fixing the module errors seems more important.
I have had many plane and drone crashes. Some for pilot error some for building error and many more for system malfunctions.
One time I had a crash because my switch went mysteriously off. Turns out it was facing up wind so after 30+ flights a bug hit the switch off. (turn it around so that cant happen, add 2 switches)
Building error!
Radio link failure has crashed dozens of my planes in the past. New 2.4 GHZ DSMX stuff is almost flawless now. System errors!
GPS is about equal to Windows it has a time of day not month.
My point:
Windows is pretty stable in comparison to these sometimes clone parts all combined.
Michael Oborne has done a great job here and has been available to this community, I see his reply’s and answers daily & I support his project. It helps me and saves me money as a surveyor.