Critical Prearm : Logging failed

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A customer reported me a repetitive error he has : Critical : PreArm : Logging failed
I know this error is mainly related to the SD card, so we changed it. After inserting a newer in the Cube everything was working well.
Unfortunately few weeks later this error shows again and again, and we are actually flying with the third SD Card.
Could this be related to the hardware (bad Cube) that can damage SD cards after several uses ? Could it be related to the usage of this drone (exclusively used in auto mapping mission) ?
Any other suggestion ?

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Is it by any chance 32GB or higher capacity card? I had issues with 32GB cards.

The original 8 Gb has been replaced by a 16 Gb, and the 16 Gb has been replaced by a 32 Gb (no 16 Gb or 8Gb available in the local shops)

I have had issues with all my 32GB cards. Once I had junk writes full of 32GB. :sweat_smile:
16GB cards work for me flawlessly.

Ok so for those how could get the same trouble i finally found the solution after trying several SD…
The issue was simply coming from a parameter : LOG_BACKEND_TYPE.
This parameter was on 3 and after changing it back to 1 everything works fine.

I think it has been changed by the customer without intention of changing it. Probably by an accidental tap on one of the Herelink menu.

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