Cube 2.1 CAN1 and CAN2 switched

Hi all.

I recently came into two Cube Black’s, and noticed something that I find rather odd. It appears that the CAN1 and CAN2 ports have been switched (see photo attached - the missing GPS plug is a separate issue, and entirely my own fault :slight_smile: ). It also looks like the Spektrum label got moved slightly to make room for another hole in the housing - I wonder if this is for an ADS-B antenna on models that have that?

Documentation from various places on the internet seems to show both variations of the unit, but all the photos I can find on the CubePilot site are uniform.

I’m mildly concerned I may have a non-authentic Pixhawk. Has anybody else seen this? Is it a known mix-up? I took the units both apart and the labels on the PCB are identical, so I’m wondering if it was a housing-only difference. Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment or expertise to follow the traces through the PCB layers to figure out if they truly go to the same places on the connector to the Cube.

Thanks in advance!

The can labels were incorrect on the old version, once we switched to the new ADSB carrier boards, we switched it to be corrected

Ah, so it’s just the labels then?

The new boards are corrected - so that means the one on the right (non-ADSB) has incorrect labels, but the ports are still wired the same.

Thanks for the quick response!


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Hello brain. my GPS1 is broken too like your. . How are you connecting the GPS2? Can you show me? Thank you. ( İ use HERE GPS with safety switchthere are 8 pins )