Cube and EZUHF RC Receiver

Everyone, I am considering getting into the Cube system but I do not understand how the RC receiver connects to the cube carrier board.
There are 5 outputs coming from the EZUHF RC receiver but on the cube system graphic (attached) I see only 1 small RC input. Thank you for your help.

The signal pin on the rc port supports Sbus or PPM sum signals

You may need to change the cable to fit the connector on carrier board.

Thank you @Alvin . I am using the EZUHF receiver which is comparable to the Dragon link. In the attached photo would I just use Channel 1 over to the cube carrier, and if so, is there a cable specifically for that and where would I locate it at a retailer?

i think you could use this in order to get PPM instead of PWM from the receiver

From what I have learned from google, looks like you could configure it to output PPM signal from 1 pin?
I’m not very familiar with this receiver so I’m not sure.