Cube Black issue : Logging failed

Hello guys, doe anyone have infos on how to solve a PREARMCHECK: BAD_LOGGING
This copter has flown about 5 hours a day during the past 2 weeks and it was working perfectly.
Today it display this error and the copter is grounded… (it is a big problem)
Any help would be very appreciated !

Thank you,

Firmware : ArduCopter quad X
version : Chibios 3.6.9

SD card is full? Try unplug and plug in SD card again?

When the SD is full, is it not supposed to auto-delete the oldest files to allows the newest to be written ?
I would suggest my client to delete all logs from MP to test if it is better or not. Because unplug and replug the SD card would said that we should fully open the drone. As it is a big one with many parts & screws, it would take few hours to test this and my client would not be happy… Thanks !

So, after few hours wasted to open and re-assembly the drone we found the reason : the SD card was dead…

Damn! That’s frustrating!

This had happened to us when we flew in Arctic Circle. So frustrating. Some SD cards work well, some need replacement after couple of flights. :sweat_smile:

I would hope you took lots of spares!

Yes. Lot of them.

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