Cube Black not flashing firmware and fix

I have a Cube black on a Mini Carrier board that i wanted to keep always handy for testing.
Problem on this Cube from day one was to install fimware. On same PC i would have other cube run through the firmware process fast, but this was always a pain, so for some months now i had it aside since i was way too busy to deal with it. This morning i decided to see if i can find out why or simply ship it back, since i decided i have an ROV project i would like to use it on. Tested all possible solutions, including cleaning my ports on MP, reinstall MP, test another PC, cables, procedures, beta firmwares, hex, arj, force bootloader, anything could think of (including praying) and it was impossible to switch it from Quad FW to ROV since it would hang at scanning comports.
At this point i decided to give QGC a try and see what happens…nothing did! …but…
A button option came up that was saying if i wanted to flash Chibios Bootloader, at this point i must say that i had Chibi bootloader on the board to begin with.
Second time around on QGC i decided that bricking the board would not make much of a difference at that point so i went with it and hit the BL button and then tried to install ardupilot Rover.
1min later my board had ROVER and not only that, but now i was able to go to MP and switch through any FW i wanted with no problem and before making this post, i did switch my FW on MP more than 10 times to make sure it works.
Seems that on my first ever install (which i dont even recall trying to install firmware on this a year ago, i think i went along with what the board had) something went wrong with the bootloader.
I am simply typing this post in case i might be able to help anyone else with my findings as also show them to MP GOD @Michael_Oborne in case it helps.

there was and issue with very old bootloaders and recent MP’s, that is fixed in the current beta. it was trying to access a feature that didnt exist on older boards.

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I suspected there was something and did not know if it had been detected, thats why i posted. On my field Laptop i mostly run Beta MP but it did not work there either. Most likely i did not have latest beta.
Super to know that others might not have to go through the trouble.