CUBE BLACK resets to default parameters intermittently

Hello all,

I was using a CUBE BLACK, serial number CU11A9610030, running Arduplane 4.0.0 for QUADPLANE.

After initial vehicle setup, USB power was disconnected from the vehicle to prepare for a test flight.

In the time between unplugging the computer and moving outside for a hover test, about 15 minutes, we plugged battery power to the vehicle and found the parameters were set back to default.

Again we setup the vehicle and flew in Q_HOVER with no issues.

A few weeks went by with no issues, we were able to fly for multiple demonstrations and everything was good, all parameters were unchanged.

A few more weeks later after letting the vehicle sit untouched, we decide to change out our RC receiver.
After all changes were made we plugged into the computer to make some changes and again found all the parameters had been set back to default.

Since this incident we have switched to a CUBE BLUE running Arduplane 4.0.2 and we have not had any more issues since but its only been a week.

Concerned about turning this vehicle over to the customer without knowing a cause.

Has anybody else experienced this issue?

Oddly yes, we had an almost identical issue with a cube orange. It’s parameters appeared to reset randomly several times.

It was pulled from the vehicle and replaced with a cube black. The orange is sat on my desk waiting for me to try and figure out what caused the issue.

Had to the same problem with Pixhawk Mini and Arduplane 4.0. Also , the throttle cut kept the throttle at 38% all the time, even when disarmed. Went back to 3.9.? and didn’t have any more problems. I have planes with Cube Blacks running 4.0.1, I think was the next version, without any problems I am aware the Pixhawk Mini is irrelevant on this forum but wanted to make the point that I thought it was the firmware version.