Cube black trying mavlink only Gremsy Pixy F

looking for some help or clarification if possible.
Have a Cube black, Kore PDB, Herelink, Gremsy Pixy F setup.
Never used a Mavlink capable gimbal or a Gremsy product before.

Trying not to use SBUS to avoid using up my AUX PWM outs to get SBUS out working but did get it working with the new “Herelink” firmware and the channels defined as a test. Have not tried running the second set of SBUS wires to the Pixy F from the herelink, but would like to avoid if I can get working mavlink exclusively.
Also got mavlink working on the bench testing in mission planner “point camera here” in the GUI.

Should I be able to get tilt and pan via mavlink?
Tried every combination I could think of with
Am I barking up the wrong tree? Having a hard time finding examples or post of people using Mavlink exclusively to the gimbal but retaining some tilt and pan functionality beyond the ROI.


@Hazak Did you ever manage to resolve this? I am running into the same issue.