Cube black with no com port

My cube black seems dead with only an orange light. Usually, that can be solved with updated drivers, but I don’t even see a com port with issues in the device manager. Any ideas? Orange is the color of brick lol! Just before this happened I had persistent prearm errors that the board voltage was 3.5v, even though there’s 5v to power one, power two and another to the rail. Also, 5v out on all the gps and serial connections. But now just the dreaded orange led. This has been flying for years without even a problem. currently it’s running firmware 4.3.

Hi Shaun, what carrier board did you use?
How was the led indication on the side of your Cube?(solid or blink)
Is there any disconnection during firmware upgrade?
Can you try install this cube with another carrier board then re-connect it to your ?

So I finally got back to the shop and tried this cube with some other carrier boards. With a good cube, I get the solid left orange led with a brief green flash on the right led followed by flashing orange and off. At that point a com port is available. The bad cube has the same solid left led, short green flash on the right, but no flashing orange on the right and no com port. I’m thinking something burned on the cube as it was throwing those low board voltage errors even thought there was a solid 5v everywhere.