Cube blue and cube orange+

Hi team,

We are using cube orange+ in our project design.

Is cube orange+ and cube blue are having pin to pin compatibility??

Can we use cube blue H7 instead of cube orange+??

Cube blue is EOL.

Waiting for the response.

It would be helpful if we get the inputs as soon as possible

Sathya Priya N.

Hi Team,

We found that only the microcontroller is different. Confirm the same once.

we are waiting for responses. It would be greatly helpful if we get the inputs to proceed further.

Kindly give the inputs as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Cube Blue H7 is an equivalent product CubeOrange but manufactured in US. CubeOrangePlus is a different product in terms of MCU and IMUs. Please check here The Cube Module Overview - CubePilot for further details.

sure. Thank you for the response.

Can we procure the cube blue H7 ? is it readily available or it is also EOL as like cube blue?

thanks in advance.

I have a Cube Blue, and it use the Cube orange firmware.
I can’t compare my Cube Blue with Orange, because I don’t have a Orange version.