Cube connection problem with qgroundcontrol

I downloaded the latest version from but the orange cube is not connecting to qgroundcontrol via usb.

do you have any idea?

Can you connect with mission planner?
What firmware did you use?
Did you connect to pc before?


yes i can connect with mission planner.
I am using rover 4.2.3 firmware.
I just got the autopilot. It’s been like this since I got it.

I tried with my orange cube and it works.
Please do not open mp and qgc at same time.


I can’t open mp and qgc at the same time.
It connects via qgc telemetry module but not via usb cable.

Update: this problem only occurs when ardupilot firmware is installed. When I install the px4 firmware, it connects with a usb cable without any problems.