Cube ID as standalone compliance

Any chance the Cube ID can be used stand-alone on a drone not using the Cube solution?

I, too, would be interested in using the Cube ID as a standalone Remote ID device, in this case for a manually-controlled fixed-wing RC model.
I believe this would involve building and programming an external microcontroller to send data to the Cube ID. This would certainly seem feasible.
As I write this, it occurs to me that the easiest solution might just be to use an Ardupilot board and its firmware, connect it to the Cube ID and a compatible GPS, and use standard Ardupilot firmware to operate the Cube ID, without actually using the Ardupilot to control the aircraft. (Think of it as a gateway drug to full-on Ardupilot control…) This would eliminate the need to design special microcode to operate the Cube ID module.

Any comments or suggestions on that approach?


This isn’t a CubePilot product, but may suit your needs better:

Thanks for that link; however, at EUR 199 it is still rather less attractive than the reported US $35 price of the Cube ID (even if one triples that figure by adding an Ardupilot board as a host and plugging in a GPS).

Also, does anyone know of a US distributor for the Cube ID? or are both US distributors of Cube products.

Thank you! That’s very useful.