Cube ID can - normal user - instructions?

I recently purchased a Cube ID CAN version. However i am struggling to make it work.
The reason for it is that i am not sure i understand the manual completely.
According to this section:

i thougt, that you dont have to build arducopter firmware yourself, but latest arducopter firmware has the opendroneid cabality already enabled. (i tried latest stable / latest beta) with cube black and also cube orange.
Then i thought you just open parameter list and do enable DID_enable (but its missing), so i thougt, ok, i need to upload custom firmware like its stated in step 1. However there is no dowlonad link for that firmware.
So my questions is. in order to make CUBE id work do i have to build custom firmware even though its clearly stated in manual that for normal users load latest ardupilot firmware?
Or what am i missing?
Thank you