Cube ID: Is it an FAA compliant Remote ID broadcast module?

The Cube ID is listed as FCC and CE certified; however, there is no mention of FAA certification. I was unable to find it listed in the UAS Declaration of Compliance system.

Has CubePilot initiated the process of filing for a Declaration of Compliance? If not, does CubePilot have any intentions of doing so?

Is there a possibility that the Cube ID might be listed in the system under a different name? A participant in this thread seems to think that the DoC referenced here is for the the Cube ID.
Another person in the same thread seems to suggest that if we were to put the Cube ID on our drones, it would still be necessary to submit our own separate FAA DoC.

Any clarification regarding the points mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to find an answer to this too. We want to install Cube ID as part of our build for all US aircraft and started a DOC application but we have been asked for compliance data as per section 10 of ASTM F3586-22. would this information be provided by the manufacturer of Cube ID?

+1 trying to find an answer.

My first problem is I can’t get it to work at all, and now secondly came across threads like this and wondering if the Cube ID is worthless to me.


CubeID can be used inside manufacturer setups. The manufacturer will then need to certify the entire frame creating there own Declaration. The standalone broadcast remote ID module policy is intended for DIY airframes, not commercial drones.
For Commercial Drones the regulation requires deeper tie in with the flight controller. This can be achieved with CubeID and Ardupilot. You can follow the procedure mentioned here .

We are still working on a solution for non-commercial standalone broadcast only solution. For Commercial solution please follow the docs (Esp. Persistent UAS ID section).

I know this is an old thread, but are the “Cube ID” modules that have been offered for sale under MPNs HX4-06252 and HX4-06253 FAA compliant as add-on broadcast modules, having the tracking number RID000000223? If so, I would have bought some months ago and will likely purchase now. I had not purchased them because I could not find them on the FAA’s DoC site. If I wanted to go through the DoC process, I would pay single-digit dollars for the needed “Broadcast Module” hardware; the DoC is what’s cost prohibitive to building my own modules in-house…

I suppose, since it sounds like Cube ID is for commercial applications only, and requires a DoC, that we should be buying DroneTag DRI for add-on broadcast modules at this time until Cube ID can get their act together… Shocking they would be selling illegal hardware; seems like there should be a large disclaimer on resellers’ websites about the need for the DoC process…

@Nathan CubeID on its own cannot do Broadcast ID. It is a product to help OEMs comply with Standard Remote ID regulation. It has never been claimed that CubeID is a broadcast id solution, and we have clarified on this forum multiple times.
Broadcast ID is a separate part of the regulation and CubePilot is looking to provide solution for that as well. Broadcast ID requires inbuilt GPS module to be compliant.
CubeID is simply a transmitter of Remote ID information, and many manufacturers have successfully integrated it into there products.

Thank you for the clarification that CubeID is only to help OEMs do Standard Remote ID. It seems clear that CubeID is not the FAA #RID000000223 Broadcast Module, even though it contains the exact same NRF52840 chip.

Distributors of the CubeID should really clarify that it is not a “broadcast id solution.” Instead, they say things like:

  • Enable information broadcasting

  • Designed in compliance with “UAS Remote Identification”

  • Full compliance with FAA drone ID requirements

Those statements make it very confusing and concerning for an end user buying Remote ID Broadcast modules. To be perfectly clear, without a DoC number, CubeID is NOT a Broadcast Module and NOT compliant with FAA Remote ID requirements out of the box.

There is actually a whole list of “Broadcast Modules” without built-in GPS that appear as fully FAA compliant on the DoC list, including some designed specifically to receive MAVLINK information from a compatible autopilot exactly the same as CubeID. One of these FAA modules is readily available for purchase, and my recent experience using it is excellent. Others use a separate add-on GPS module.

Mystery solved! RID000000223 is the one made by Flite Test… They just happen to use the same chip as CubeID.