Cube ID: Is it an FAA compliant Remote ID broadcast module?

The Cube ID is listed as FCC and CE certified; however, there is no mention of FAA certification. I was unable to find it listed in the UAS Declaration of Compliance system.

Has CubePilot initiated the process of filing for a Declaration of Compliance? If not, does CubePilot have any intentions of doing so?

Is there a possibility that the Cube ID might be listed in the system under a different name? A participant in this thread seems to think that the DoC referenced here is for the the Cube ID.
Another person in the same thread seems to suggest that if we were to put the Cube ID on our drones, it would still be necessary to submit our own separate FAA DoC.

Any clarification regarding the points mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to find an answer to this too. We want to install Cube ID as part of our build for all US aircraft and started a DOC application but we have been asked for compliance data as per section 10 of ASTM F3586-22. would this information be provided by the manufacturer of Cube ID?

+1 trying to find an answer.

My first problem is I can’t get it to work at all, and now secondly came across threads like this and wondering if the Cube ID is worthless to me.