Cube ID lacks drone wiring installation diagrams

I’m elbows deep in a quadcopter and can’t proceed because I don’t know how o install this new Cube ID device I just received. Searched everywhere online and I’m sure the instructions don’t exist yet. Please generate these documents asap. I need to know how this Cube ID ties in with the GPS and with the flight controller on this quad. Thank you. Sincerely, John Rost…

please check our docs here

I too am having issues getting this to work. Even after following the docs. I will say, the docs are a bit short on what a “normal user” should be doing. Do you use the most recent Mission Planner and then add firmware? Confusing at best. September is quickly approaching and an easy fix would be great. I would like to add, that the firmware for the Orange cube has the Drone ID tab in the Data section, but the same version in the Black doesn’t. Weird!

I’d like to add that the docs you provide don’t specify the connector type. I need to know the connector type for the serial version to make a longer cable. What are the connector series used on each?

The CAN connector on the Cube ID is JST GH series, and so is the flight controller-side of the serial cable. The serial connector on the Cube ID appears to be a Molex Pico-Lock.

Hi Dirk - Did you ever figure this out? I’m having issues seeing the Data Section in Mission Planner and I don’t see DID_ in my parameters.

@Shotoverpilotu1 you need to compile ardupilot with opendroneid enabled, please refer Remote ID (aka Drone ID) — Plane documentation