Cube ID on PX4?

Good afternoon,

So I have a cube ID and I was going to integrate it on a PixHawk 4 with PX4 firmware on it. However, the documentation only mentions integrating it on Ardupilot.

Is the Cube ID even supported on PX4? Or is what I’m attempting to do currently not possible.

I have been looking at this documentation. Please let me know if there is any documentation on setting this up with PX4.

Thank you in advance for the help,

John Nomikos.

Hi there, I am also getting the same issue with CubeID, have you figured out a solution?

Yes, the Cube ID works on PX4. I’ve been able to get it to work connected to telemetry on a Pixhawk 4.

You should use 1.14 firmware or later, and make sure the baudrate is 57600.

If you are using QGroundControl, get the newest stable release, and make sure to check “Enable Remote ID” in application settings.

Note: Currently,