Cube ID serial

Not exactly “ADS-B”, but best of the options.

I’m thinking of testing Cube ID on PX4. Is this known to work?

My assumption is that this is a serial MAVLink connection and the autopilot just needs to emit OPEN_DRONE_ID_BASIC_ID and OPEN_DRONE_ID_LOCATION on the channel. Does the Cube ID have a standard component ID or will it accept broadcast ID on the serial channel? What component id does it broadcast with? Can you set the system ID/component ID (this would be necessarily in some architectures).


CubeID should accept OPEN DRONE ID messages originating from any system as long as they conform with definition @ GitHub - ArduPilot/mavlink: MAVLink micro air vehicle marshalling / communication library . CubeID publishes its own messages with SYS ID 1 and Component ID MAV_COMP_ID_ODID_TXRX_1

Thanks @sidbh , so some more confirmations:

  • Is this your own proprietary firmware?
  • Can the system and component ID be modified/configured.
  • Does CubeID receive incoming data and forward to the GCS/autopilot, or is it one-way - publishing location and ID from the flight stack?
  • Does the CubeID take its id from the messages and update the value if the messages change. I ask because the arduremote firmware (or whatever it is called) can be configured with a value or will otherwise take the first value it gets.

FYI @JulianOes tells me he plans to do some work with you on this, so I hope to get answers to some of these eventually from him. At this point just getting my head around what “most” implementations do.

CubeID only acts a transmitter of the data, it doesn’t directly communicate with GCS. Only with Autopilot. It takes in the ID coming from autopilot. I am adding mechanism to Ardupilot, to set a one time programmable Serial ID.

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