Cube’ies? Boeing?

Hi Philip,
Are you hinting there’s a Cube onboard? Or just pointing out the interesting autonomy?

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In the half-light of the Remote Flight-Ops room Flight Lieutenant Mike Bourne is studying the wall of monitors and updating the mission flight path in near-real time.
“If this sortie is going to stay within Mission Parameters that F35 meat wagon needs to get out of the way of my ATS swarm.”
“You have my permission take the preferred route” directs Group Captain Rousey.
“I’m going to report on this and see if we can speed up the F35 fit-outs with the CubePro and those new mil-spec carrier enclosures, those F35s are so 2006!” spits Dr Hallbrook, the chief flight controls contractor, kicking a chair on the way out.
“Get me the logs!” he yells just before the door closes.

*names may be changed to deflect the innocent

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You are funny!

We sell cubes to Boeing, Airbus, NASA…

Which specific projects they use them on… you can ask them :slight_smile:

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