Cube IMU maximum Gs

Hi i does anybody know the maximum G force that the cubepilot can read?

I was reading the datasheet of the IMUs present in the cube, namely ICM-20649, ICM-20948 and ICM-20602, where the 649 can read up to ± 30G in the 3rd full scale range. So im puzzled by the expression “full scale range” can that be somewhat tweeked in the cubepilot firmware.

In addition the other IMUs, the 948 and the 602 can read up to 16 Gs ±, but again they specify “full scale range” how can we, the cubepilot users, use that information?

Here you have the datasheets:

in the following image you can see and example of what i am mentioning.

these ranges are adjusted by ardupilot, the 20649 however is configured for 30g by default

Thank you Michael!

Also, Michael is there some airspeed sensor, or more specifically, some pitot probe that can be used to measure the angle of attack as well, because the angle of attack is different than the angle of attitude, and this difference is especially interesting in fixed-wing aircraft for better auto landings and approaches.

Check this company for example: Air Data Probe - Aeroprobe

Anyway some peripheral that can be used for measuring the angle of attack, not the angle of attitude

we are not aware of a current AOA sensor that is integrated with ArduPilot.