CUBE in UL avionics

We ask for help from experts. , ,
We would like to expand an open source avionics for UL airplane (kwik EFIS).
We think to use the sensors from the CUBE together with pixhawk.
The flight data should be displayed on a rugged tablet with a CAN interface.
Can someone give us a tip where we can find the CUBE software and which modules of the CUBE software do the communication.
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Sorrz for my English, this is a Google translation . . .

The Cube runs ArduPilot software when being used as a flight controller. If you just want to use the Cube as a sensor suite for an EFIS, it may be possible to just use the Plane or Copter versions of ArduPilot without modification. Ardupilot can stream sensor data using the MAVLink communication protocol, although this is done with serial UART. MAVLink over CAN is not supported yet. Performing functions such as calibrating sensors is also done using MAVLink commands.

If you intend to build your own software, then you may be able to reuse the hardware abstraction and sensor driver code from Ardupilot, but I’m not sure if there’s anything else; it’s not intended for what you have in mind.