Cube "Internal Error" crush. Help with log analysis

My hexacopter crushed during the flight. Could you help me to find out the reasons for what happened?
I flew about 2 weeks (about 100 flights) before with the same parameters.
During the last flight, controller showed an “internal error” message and crushed down. Please, help me to find out the reasons of this accident.
Thanks a lot.
PS/ log of the crush is in the attachment.

Looks like the rcout stopped and your copter fell immediately.
That may be a bug in ardupilot. You may raise a question in their forum as well

Thanks. Their forum is
PS/ Could you tell me the software, using to analyse logs? I`m talking about second picture.

What firmware version do you have?

Yes. And their discuss forum is
I use Mission Planner on windows and APM planner on linux