Cube Mini Board wider than Cube Black - eh? IMU orientation agnostics

So I wrongly thought the Cube mini would help me here. But no… as sophisticated as it is - its still not ‘Orientation agnostic’. even the first DJI Naza supported ‘any orientation’ (how many years ago?), most other stabilisers do and at this price point I would certainly expect the Cube family to do the same and thru Mission Planner. Logic would suggest the best default pinout orientation for the mini would be the same as for the standard base board - FWD/BACK (where most of the space is on the aircraft) and aligned to most wiring runs. This is a 2m wingspan aircraft!! Everything works I just can’t fit it to the plane…yet.

you can change the direction, so long as its at a interval of 45 degrees

info here

its not common though to use it in such a way. but is supported

Brill - I’d not seen it in Mission Planner so assumed there was no capability. I’ll take a look… Thanks, James

You can even mount it vertically. There are many orientation available.

Job done thanks!

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