Cube mini carrier board manual and review

Hey guys! I’m planning to move to mini carrier board for cube. Is there any missing things compared to standard carrier board? Does it come with case? Any problems you guys have faced with it?
Let me know!
Thank you!

Hello Mallikarjun,

Mine came with case, I am in the process of testing. But one thing the connections are marked on the bottom of the carrier board, so you have to write it down before you install the cube.


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yes you will get case with mini CB. You have to buy cables and Power brick separately.

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@Ganesh where did you guys but it from? I’m not able to log in to proficnc website! Please help!
Thank you :grin:

All the retailers are listed here

In India you can buy from

I bought mine from an Australian dealer. Again no manual or connections or power brick as per the post above. You can get it at as well, but I warn you to purchase it locally from your authorized dealer in your country. I have paid customs duty and GST and import charges for my Herelink because I purchased it from 3DXR a dealer in UK.

I ordered from local reseller. They mentioned it doesn’t come with case. :expressionless: Is there versions written on PCB?

If they have old stock it didn’t come with case(original beta) if new stock it comes with case. Some stores have not updated the description yet.

Hi Mallikarjun,

See attached pictures of mini carrier board for Pixhawk 2.1. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I have attached 5 pictures. If you need any further information please let me know.

One more thing the buzzer which the standard carrier board will not fit this mini carrier board. I have to order Pixhawk 1 buzzer.

Thank you so much! @Ganesh
Does it have mounting screws thread like standard one?
Unfortunately i didn’t get case for mine. Is it possible to order it separately?
The problem is, @proficnc is not shipping it to India even though we have IEC and even though i tried convincing them. They asked me to buy from local dealer and this is what i got! Hope @hex or @proficnc could help! I’m not able to tag them. Someone tag so i can find some help.

ProfiCNC do ship to India via local distributors.

The site is wholesale only, just for distributors.

All new units come with a case


Few questions:

  1. Is it possible and how (where) to connect external usb on Mini carrier board as can be on standard Pixhawk Cube - HMI (usb 6-pin) port?

  2. On the bottom is a connector G.CL.IO.RX.TX.5V.
    What’s its purpose (serial_x)? And with which port it can be compared to on standard Pixhawk Cube?
    What type of connector is this?

  3. Is there a manual for Mini carrier board as it is for Pix Cube (DRS_Pixhawk-2-17th-march-2016.pdf)?


I found, G.CL.IO.RX.TX.5V. is debug.

it is the same as the existing DRS… connectors are labelled on the PCB

the mini port is exactly the same as the FMU equivalent on the full carrier board.

the only significant difference between the mini and full…

mini is missing SBUS-out, and only has a single CAN

Hello, does anybody know what are the 6 vertical pins that this board has on the top face?

They are FMU PWM pins 1-6

Thanks!! Are they like the aux pwm pins?

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Yes. They are AUX 1-6.

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OK understood! :slight_smile:

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