Cube not detected

Hi All,

I have a cube that has gotten picky. It will not show up in device manager/mission planner. I’ve looked on ardupilot and have seen the same problem come up bt no one has found a fix it seems like.

I have been using USB cable direct into the cube itself and not through the supplied USB adapter/connector.

uninstalled mission planner and reinstalled
tried different USB cables
formatted micro SD card
tried different SD card

I know it’s the cube and not the computer. I have tried many other cubes and they are detected and connect fine.

Can’t even install a different firmware since there’s no COM to select.

I’ve run out of ideas. Has anyone had the same problem and been able to find a solution?

Thanks for the help!

Can you upgrade it? Or won’t detect that?

Have you upgraded mission planner with a clean install to get the drivers?
Are you on Windows 10?

Upgrade it? Like a new firmware?

I’m running 1.3.66. I have not tried 1.3.68 yet. But I have done fresh installs when I did reinstall it.

I am on windows 10.

Fresh install everything and try again.

Could only fresh install mission planner. I’m on 1.3.68 now. I’m still not getting any detection.

The orange leds turn on and stays a solid orange.

RMA it please.

Will do, Thanks!