Cube not initializing with serial device connected

(Oleksandr Chendekov) #1

I found a fault with powering on and initializing the Cube. I have ADS-B transponder (Aerobits TR-1W), and it works well with Cube, but only when it’s powered after Cube is initialized. When it’s powered with Cube, Cube fails to initialize (Arduplane 3.9.11 both ChibiOS/NuttX). I had similar behavior with serial modem (Microhard Pico400) - Cube fails to initialize if modem is already powered on. We fixed this with power-on sequence, but that’s really annoys.

I’m not sure whose bug it is, but if you have any ideas, that would be helpful.

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Try using a different serial port, chances are your device is sending information that is holding it in Bootloader mode

(Oleksandr Chendekov) #3

But how can it matter? Serial device can boot and sent boot diagnostic to data port… This can’t be normal behavior for bootloader - to stop boot when get data on serial. So you think it’s not a Cube bug, but Ardupilot’s bootloader?


Cube is hardware… it couldn’t care less what’s plugged in…

The firmware responds to what it’s told too

There are no bugs… use a different serial port


All it needs is “! “
That’s it…