Cube offset position

Normally I find it pretty easy to mount the autopilot at the aircraft’s cg. But this build is proving difficult. Below I have a Phoenix Lidar and above sits a 12s 30ah battery, not a lot of room. So it’s above the battery or to the side, both about 90mm offset from the cg. Does it matter at this point if it’s sitting 90mm to the side or 90mm above? Would above be better? I’ve never even checked for a lever arm parameter, but I doubt it lol.

Hello Shaun,

I have built lots of copters with the FC out of the CG and it is perfectly fine.

You can tell for ardupilot which is the position of your IMUs relative to your frame, take a look on the INS_POS parameters and try to properly set it up.

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Hi BrunoB sir. I’m impressed will you please share photos, videos of your built drone. it may helpful for us

Hello @sarathi,

This kind of FC outside CG, it is pretty common in sprayer multicopters, take a look on any of those and you will see the CG gives room to the pesticides tank so the FC is generally moved for the front of the drone.

For instance, this is the sprayer drone we develop in Brazil: STRATUS H12 - Drone Pulverizador Híbrido - ARYS - Arys

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thank you for your kind reply sir