CUBE Orange ADS-B not working

Received a new CUBE Orange, setup all the parameter setting according to the in-box manual, rebooted and didn’t see any aircraft displayed on MP.
Checked the messages on Mavlink using mavlink inspector, there isn’t any adsb-vechicle messages going out from CUBE.

  • Cube Orange and ads-B carrier board
  • Firmware: ArduPlane 4.0.5
  • MP Version: 1.3.70
  • set parameters as manual

Is there any thing i missed? does it need to be tested outdoor?


It will only pick up aircraft almost directly overhead indoors. Outside it’s better but at ground level they still need to get pretty close overhead.

Use flight radar to see them and try and check. Usually outdoors it will pickup with in 20-40km.

If that doesn’t work double check everything is set on correct as per the wiki, I know this is correct and works.

How are you connecting to Mission planner ?

I suspect it my be the following as if your connecting to MP over telemetry you need to check the following.

Note: You may need to set SR1_ADSB = 2 to enable receiving on ground statiion on Telem 1 or SR2 for Telem 2 ports.


Thanks for the reply.
I m connecting to MP with usb, so it should be SR0 for now.
I will do a outdoor test and come back to you later.

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