Cube Orange + ADSB Carrier - cabling for Pixhawk 4 GPS module?

Can I use my Holybro Pixhawk 4 GPS Module with my cube Orange and ADSB carrier board? The GPS1 socket on the ADSB carrier is 8 pins and the Pixhawk 4 GPS plug is 10 pin. I understand there are a number of functions happening in there…GPS, arm switch led etc, I’m happy to rewire the cable and have a suitable 8 pin plug (or I can hack up the “GPS 1 Cable” set that came with the cube.

I was hoping someone had sone this before and could give advice?


Technically yes rewire it and it would be fine but you will loose some functions of what’s let’s disconnected like the buzzer and we could not support any issues as it’s not a Cubepilot product but for the most part it looks compatible on the GPS and compass.

Technically any compass or GPS is compatible but I would always recommend the Here series my self as they are just so damn reliable.

But you should be good just rewire and put it out correctly. Looking at it it’s the 3.3v and buzzer that’s extra.

Why would you use an inferior device? The Here3 is an RTK GPS… the pix4 GpS is an inferior RF design, and an inferior module…

But the answer is yes…

Thanks @MadRC, I shall give it a try. I might order a Here 3 in future, but the pix4 is all I have for now.
Thanks again.

Hi @Philip, because I have it on hand and its going onto an ocean going rover that may not come back, so cost is certainly an issue. Accuracy is also not a big deal for this project. Reliability really is though, so it’s a balance between cost and reliability, which is something I’m starting to get my head around. Also while I’m new to this, from what I gather RTK requires reception of an RTCM stream and that’s not going to be available/suitable in my scenario.

I rewired it and I think its all working ok. Mission Planner seems to be getting GPS and compass data now.
Thanks again for your help.

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Hey man, how did you wire this? Im having the same exact situation over here, but not sure which wire goes where. Any help?

Thanks so much!