Cube Orange and Cube Purple odd throttle behavior in auto mode

I use the autopilots on Boat Rovers. The black cube worked similar to the old Gen 1 pixhawks. You flip the switch from manual mode to auto and it starts to follow its course at the speed its set at. Even if the throttle stick is in the off position in manual mode it would run fine once its switch to Auto mode.

The orange cube and now the purple cube seems to behave differently. Once you switch to auto mode it stops dead. I found if I increase the Throttle at one point it will take off at a high speed. The only way to reign it in is to lower the max throttle to 35% . The problem is, when in manual mode you can only go 35%. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

So basically why does moving the throttle stick even work in Auto mode?

Chances are this is an Ardupilot config change and how the cube it’s self. Are you using the same version on all three ?

Are you restoring preamps at all on the new controllers. ?

Thanks for the reply Yes I’m using Rover 4.0 on all. Preamps? do you mean Params? Is there Cube firmware updates I should do.