Cube Orange can't load px4 via QGC

Hi everyone,

I just got my cube orange and have been experiencing the same issue. I am trying to flash px4 through QGC daily (tried on multiple devices and both on stabile and daily version).

I followed everything written here and on Bootloader Issues with QGroundControl I am using Win 10 and downloaded daily release of qgc, however the issue is still present.
Do you have some suggestions?

Also you can see video here

Thank you

This is an QGC issue due to the bootloader detection. You may try QGC master

Thank you for your reply. Could you be so kind and instruct me how to download QGC master? Is this the regular QGC or something else beside the daily build and the regular qgc? If it’s same as downloading from then I have already tried it.


You may download its daily build from here:

But if you have any further problems, you will need to ask the QGC community and developers on their forum.

QGC flashing PX4 on the Cube Orange and Cube Yellow will be in the next release.