Cube Orange Carrier Board


Will the cube orange fit on the cube black carrier board? or do we have to buy a specific board for the cube orange?


All cubes are compatible with all carrier boards.

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Thank you for getting back to me, I was planning to get Orange cube but I was not sure if it will fit the standard carrier board.

On that note do you know any one using the Cube Orange?

Thank You.

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All cubes work on all carrier boards without issues. As per one of the conference video I watched, the cube H7 supports only nuttx. So choice has to main on whether it’s relevant to your application.

I am trying to achieve a stable reliable flight, and RTL when the craft goes beyond the radio signal range, like my MI 4K drone. But I am having a lot of issues just to keep it in the air, see my quadcopter and the BIN files from one of the flights under Herelink. Titled “Throttle Calibration for Herelink”, if you do not mind please check the BIN files for me and please inform me what needs to be changed.

Also please tell me if the Orange cube would suit what I am trying to achieve? My MI drone flies for 27 min, and my aim to have my creation fly for 40 min plus, and further than my MI drone. MI drone has been very reliable and even loosing radio and video contact for 10 min still managed to RTL without fail.

Thank you for your time and effort.


Orange cube is beta.

If you want proven… get black.

All cubes fit all carrier boards. They always have and we have told on many occasions, that it will

Thank you for you input, I will stick with the cube black I have for now. I see it has EKF issues in relation to altitude calculation, if I add HereFlow will it help the cube to calculate the altitude issue?

Thank You.

What has EKF issues? May be best to start a new thread if you have issues.

No worries Philip, I will start a new thread as per your suggestion. I am rechecking for the second time before I go flying today. I am hoping a recalibration at the flying field may resolve this EKF problem. Anyway it is all good, it is a learning curve for me which I am going to master.

Thank you as always for your input, much appreciated.

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