Cube Orange: $CHECK_IMU0_PRESENT Failed


I am trying to load my Cube Orange that I use for development and I get the following message in MavProxy…

I can’t figure out a cause and have tried uploading different firmwares DEV, Beta7, and 4.07 to no avail. I tried resetting the parameters a variety of ways via changing vehicle firmware type or just a normal reset.

It was happily working until I removed it from the carrier board to see if there were good places I could attach a thermocouple for gathering raw baro data. (This was to fix SITLs simulated MS5611 for cold temperatures.) I didn’t find any place for the thermocouple that seemed safe without opening up the cube so I put into back onto the carrier. (Opening the cube didn’t seem like a wise idea.)

I’ve tried reseating the cube onto the carrier a few times as well.

Thanks for your help!


Quick update. Went back 4.07 again and then forward again to Beta then Dev and now I get “IMU1_PRESENT” failed now.