Cube Orange Driver Problem

Hi All,

I know it is a noob question but i have a problem with the cube orange drivers, I uninstall drivers, MP ctrl F and clean drivers, reboot, load new drivers, reboot and it sees cube as ProfiCNC Cube - New driver required


I installed latest drivers and MP, do not know what to do, any advice will be helpful

Ok I need to load firmware to the cube, then problem solved.

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Yes new cones come with no firmware installed now.

How did you manage to load firmware to the cube? I’m seeing the same “New driver required” COM port but I can’t get Mission Planner to flash anything over it

Maybe you need to update your drivers:

I updated my drivers, reinstalled Mission planner and the drivers more than 10 times today. Still it shows the same error. what should i do?

Did anything show up in COM port?

When it says New driver required, if you load firmware from the mission planner, it will change drivers

i have the same problem but i cant seem to find a way to load the firmware to the cube.Also my cube has 2 micro usb ports.From wich micro usb port i need to upload the firmware and how please help

The mavlink one.