Cube Orange dropouts in telemetry

I’m new here at Cube Pilot.
I build several copter with Cube Orrange autopilots.
on one of these cubes there are dropouts in telemetry transmissions.
I recognized it because I’m sending Mavink data via modem to a server for
airtraffic control.
These dropouts can last to about 2 minutes.
Is it possible that these Cube has an electronic problem ?

Thanks for your help

It could depend on how your telemetry radio is connected - the Telem ports have a maximum current draw of 1 amp (and it is hard-limited) and a typical telem radio can draw peaks of more than 1 amp.
Best to use a BEC to power a telem radio unless you know it’s current draw is well under 1 amp.
We would need to see a log file to know more - in Ardupilot there is a Power Flag recorded in logs plus there could be other indicators.

thanks for your answer. Connected electronic to telemetry port draws only 1 mA.
That’s a high impedance connection.
I think my Cube has internaly problems.