Cube Orange dropouts in telemetry

I’m new here at Cube Pilot.
I build several copter with Cube Orrange autopilots.
on one of these cubes there are dropouts in telemetry transmissions.
I recognized it because I’m sending Mavink data via modem to a server for
airtraffic control.
These dropouts can last to about 2 minutes.
Is it possible that these Cube has an electronic problem ?

Thanks for your help

It could depend on how your telemetry radio is connected - the Telem ports have a maximum current draw of 1 amp (and it is hard-limited) and a typical telem radio can draw peaks of more than 1 amp.
Best to use a BEC to power a telem radio unless you know it’s current draw is well under 1 amp.
We would need to see a log file to know more - in Ardupilot there is a Power Flag recorded in logs plus there could be other indicators.

thanks for your answer. Connected electronic to telemetry port draws only 1 mA.
That’s a high impedance connection.
I think my Cube has internaly problems.

Which telem port are you using?
The telem1 port has a private 1.5A current limit, while all of the other ports share 1A current limit.
You may look into the flight log to see if Cube detected telemetry lost.
Also, you may open the carrier board housing and examine whether the telem connector is well connected to PCB.