CUBE Orange dual power monitor setup


I’m trying to setup a system that uses a 12S battery for motor power, but uses a smaller 3S battery for the cube part of the system. The cube is on a standard carrier board with two power ports (POWER1 & POWER2).

Is it possible to use power1 & power2 ports to measure voltage and current for BOTH my 12S and my 3S battery at the same time?

Reading various documents online, it was unclear to me if the CUBE supported a total of 4 analog inputs simultaneously (2x voltage & 2x current) for the setup i’m trying to achieve. I’ve tried to set this up in mission planner with no luck so far.

The 3S battery will be connected to cube power port 1 via a “ProfiCNC - Power Brick Mini” module, and the 12S battery will be connected to the CUBE via a Mauch sensor.

Yep. That’s perfectly fine. You’ll need to change some parameters to enable the second battery monitor. There are a few more analog pins around too. RSSI at 3.3V and ADC at 6.6V (voltage divider for 3.3 on the pin) are some other analog pins.

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Are there any reference to power modules manufacturer providing both current and voltage measurement suitable for the Pixhawk CUBE