Cube Orange Flip during autotune

(Loris Demetriades) #1

I went today to perform the autotune to Cube Orange quadcopter, after yesterdays successful flight and solving the issue with voltage readings. I change ATC_RATT_RLL_FLTT TO 10hz and ATC_RATT_PIT_FLTT to 10hz as i run 15 inches props.I took off in Stabilize, then Alt hold, then Loiter, then Pos Hold, all good up to this point. I toggle to Autotune and after a few moments the quad flip to the left and fell from the sky…Unfortunately i dont have a log on the SD card as i had this Bad logging warning and i override the arming so to make the flight. I have though a tlog from mission planer. Can anybody check the Tlog so to make a conclusion?2019-09-28 09-33-07.tlog (385.7 KB)
2019-09-28 09-33-07.tlog (385.7 KB)

(Hampus Berggren) #2

What ESC’s are you running?

(Mike Boland) #3

If you didn’t lower the autotune aggressiveness then that will do it.
have done exactly as you describe in the past.
We live and learn.


Never ever ever bypass arming checks!

They are there for your safety, and the safety of your vehicle.

There is no point even trying to diagnose this without logs…

Most likely issues is esc or prop related.

Do you have signal ground wired to the RC out pins?

(Loris Demetriades) #5

Thanks @philip . Its an esc issue. Is there any solution for the BAD LOGGING message. I changed 6 different SD Cards, forma them, re format, in Fat32, exFat but the problem is still there


Bad logging is vary rarely anything to do with the SD card.
What it means is that it failed to log, not that the SD card is bad.

Glad to know you found the esc issue

(Rich) #7

Ran three Auto Tune sessions today with my Cube Orange and 810mm Hexa using latest 4.0 daily build without incident.

ATC_RATT_RLL_FLTT and ATC_RATT_PIT_FLTT were left at 20, since the documentation has not been updated which refers to ATC_RATT_RLL_FLT and ATC_RATT_PIT_FLT (One less “T”), and some other new parameters ATC_RAT_RLL_FLTD and ATC_RAT_PIT_FLTD which are currently set to 20 as well. I left these alone for now. Normally I would set ATC_RATT_RLL_FLT and ATC_RATT_PIT_FLT to 10 for > 15" props.

I usually run AUTOTUNE_AGGR at .75, but this provided a sloppy tune with P terms < 3, and are normally above 10 for this aircraft. Changing AUTOTUNE_AGGR back to .1 gave me a crisp, very flyable tune.