Cube Orange gyros starting to go fail?

Okay on mission planner it fails the pre-arm checklist it says gyros inconsistent, but then shortly after it gives the green light and passes pre-arm. Then I fly it three or maybe 5 minutes at most into the fight when you yaw it goes crazy a little bit…
It’s a brand new cube I’ve only had it in the air five times ,at most 5 minute flight. It’s a brand news I can’t imagine that it’s the gyros starting to fail but I’m being hopeful because I paid a few dollars for this lol… if you could watch the video on the link provided and tell me what you think…

Can you upload that .bin log to your google drive (or somewhere similar) and we can take a look at it.

See if this works . May have not done it correctly…

That has an access requirement, just make it open to everyone that has the link

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Sorry about that… I overlooked it
Try this
Again thank you for your help and time!


What battery do you have exactly?

I see no sign of inconsistent gyros in that log, in fact all accels and gyros are extremely consistent. I’m not doubting what you say, maybe there was some external influence like IMU temperatures, or a bit too much movement during startup. We will see how this goes over a couple more logs because I have plenty for you to do :slight_smile:

Vibrations are not bad but getting a bit high in Y axis so check prop balance and make sure nothing is touching the flight controller or wiring is not pulled tight where it connects to the FC. Any improvements you make to vibrations will help everything including Autotune and landing detection.

These compass settings will give you a minor improvement:


Autotune Roll axis actually completed OK, so you can set the new values for both Roll and Pitch. These may not be perfect given the vibrations and improvements yet to come from the harmonic notch filter, but it will be a good starting point. There are a few other improvements and data gathering paramaters amongst these:

INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1  // write this then refresh params to see the rest

Being a small copter, I think you will want: ANGLE_MAX,45
I mention this separately to the other params, because it may be more of an option depending on the intended purpose of the copter.

To make it easy and less error-prone copy all these parameters into a notepad text file (delete my comments like “//something”) and save as “updates.param”
In MissionPlanner / Config / Full Parameter List choose “Load from file” at top right, Write Params, Refresh Params.
Then do the Load and Write one more time - this is done twice because there is an “enable” parameter in there that makes more parameters available once it is written.

There is more to do yet, particularly the battery voltage settings, and throttle failsafe, plus any changes we determine from the next test flights.
Let me know what transmitter and receiver you have and we can ensure the throttle and RC failsafe work correctly.

Do another test test flight in AltHold and Loiter modes. If possible wait until I give you a few more params to apply in relation to the battery.

I will get it done later today but here is a breakdown of the rig setup.
cube orange, here2 (can), Sunnysky V 2216-12 800 kv, APC 1147 props, blheli32 45 amp 4 in 1 ESCs, frsky TD R6 dual band RX , frsky x18 TX & TATTU 4s 8000 mah 120C lipo battery.

I couldnt find a Tattu 4S 8Ahr 120C Lipo anywhere - they are all about 25C or 15C. A 4S 8Ahr 120C battery would be about the size of a car and you’d be able to tow a ship with a battery wire for 960 amps :slight_smile:

I was checking around just to verify the battery details because your logged voltage doesnt match a Lipo or Li Ion pack.
I strongly suggest you calibrate the voltage sensor (we can do current later) before going further. Calibrate with a low voltage like around 12 volts.
Also definitely put in these settings and dont change them even if they give you unexpected voltage failsafes - the issue will be elsewhere, not with these values.


You can set zeros in the capacity values until the current is calibrated properly.

There’s more we can do with that 4in1 ESC too, like setting up DSHOT and getting the telemetry/data out of the ESC - the RPM data can drive the Harmonic Notch Filter, and the temperature and more is useful to have in logs. It’s not too hard but might be too much of a mission for today.

The receiver outputs SBUS, which is good - that means when it does lose RC signal it sets a failsafe bit in the SBUS data so the flight controller knows. Technically you dont need the throttle failsafe, but it cant hurt just in case the receiver ever goes strange.
In your transmitter there should be the option to set failsafe behaviour to “No Pulses”, and in the copter set FS_THR_ENABLE,1. You can test it without even arming - just turn off the transmitter and MissionPlanner should say something about throttle below failsafe or a missing receiver - it appears like the receiver just “fell off”.

It’s a Turnigy… I don’t know why I put tattu… however you are wrong on everything you posted. I figured out the problem… it was a motor. And no the battery wouldn’t be that big…

And failsafe has nothing to do with anything… and my 4 in 1 ESCs… no need to do shit in the mission planner parameters… runs like shit if you do. This is not my first rodeo. Turn the History Channel on and you will see my work. You are why not as many people post questions as they should. You all make people feel stupid.

Sorry, It’s not my intention to make anyone feel stupid - I was trying to help.
All the parameters I posted are suitable for your copter - I always give all the parameters I think might help, where I can see you might have missed something like the battery failsafe values or actions.
If changing to using DSHOT with your 4in1 ESC causes issues then there is likely something else wrong.
I would point out I didnt see any sign of motor or ESC issues in the log you linked to, but I could be wrong and would be gladly corrected if someone could point to that anomaly.

After you’ve done your fixes it would be good to see a log again, we could all learn something.

EDIT: I checked again and there IS a few times when motor 4 is commanded to maximum, but they were brief times and so I must have assumed it was wind or something else, especially since your primary question was about gyros.
All the parameters I gave you are related to improving the tuning and safety, and compass calibration.


Not sure why you are so frustrated. Shawn has provided some additional settings that could assist your quad at flying better (just cause he couldn’t tell there was an issue with 1 motor, ( hard to do with just 1 log)) and you reply in frustration.

I would love to see this 4s 120C 8000Mah battery ( the only ones seem to be 12c to 25c).Flying in an uncontrolled area without battery protection is asking for a drone to fall from the sky (I’m sure you are watching the battery% but it can be easy to miss).

I can understand that without a separate support channel like email or tickets its easy for technical support and tuning to get mixed together, but we must appreciate what is available.