Cube orange: how to set battery setting?

I’m newbie with Cube, and now i have to set up the battery setup, could somebody help me? documentation are not clear, and i didn’t find any video tutorial detailes…runnning with 6s battery, please help!

More details are needed, specialy which power module you are using.

thanks for your reply, i’m using the MAUCH PL-200-8 Sensor connected to PL 4-6S BEC 2x5.35V 1x12.0V with CFK enclosure. Cable with signals are connected from the Mauch PL-200-8 to the BEC, but from the BET i connected the power cable only (no signal wires, only + and - ) to the CUBE (Organge) to POWER1 socket.

When i set “analog voltage only” and i fill the measured voltage (22,855 v for example…) the voltage on the osd will change it to 45 to 9v randomly…it’s becoming crazy!

Double check if your mission planner is using comma or point for decimal values. It can be messing your setup.

Also double check if you selected the right value for the BATT_VOLT_PIN.

Take a look on the options here: Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation

It sounds like you have it all wired up wrong.
Can you draw a diagram of what you actually have, or show photos?

The Mauch PL-200 would have come with values for voltage divider and amps per volt. You need to enter these values in MissionPlanner exactly how the Mauch instructions recommend.

I think you have a PL 4-14S HYB-BEC / 3F
In this pic you essentially dont have connector 3 (or it could be said to be 12v instead of 5v and connector 4 is absent)

You should have connector S to the PL-200 voltage/current sensor, and connector 2 going to the flight controllers Power1 input. It needs to be the cable with the current and voltage sense wires from the HYB-BEC.

The battery voltage/current sensor PL-200 needs to be the first thing connected to the battery, so all current flows through it before reaching anything else.

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Once you have it connected up and voltage and current readings are working, set these parameters that are calculated to suit your battery, 6S Lipo.

If you’re not using a multirotor you may not have the last two MOT_BAT params.
In MissionPlanner, Initial Parameters it calculates these for you, and some other parameters that you should check before flying.

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ok thanks i will try that!

good point…i will check this too

If you selected Cube Orange in the voltage/current section of MissionPlanner, it automatically selects the correct pins

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Everything is fine here, but the connector 1 is connected to the Power 1 input because this cable is without the signal cables, only positives and negatives wires. S plug is connected to the PL-200, sure!
I filled all your values but i still see 65V instead 22,875 as my multimeter measure…any suggestion?

It will never work properly without the correct cable that has +5v , 0v, current and voltage sense wires, the cable shown connected to “2” in that diagram.

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thanks but i don’t understand why my PL 4-14S HYB-BEC / 3F has only 4 sockets, the first on the top right is connected to the PL sensor, ok! But the second (next to the S socket) should be the voltage cable with signals? Where should be connected? to the Power1 or Power2?

I didnt have a pic of your version, but whichever connector has the 5 volt supply and the current and voltage signals needs to go to Power1 on the Cube carrier.
Power2 on the Cube carrier can be connected to the 5volt-only port or an external 5 volt BEC, whichever gives you the most confidence for a backup power supply.

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maybe i found the problem…how to set the right value of this: BATT_VOLT_MULT: Voltage Multiplier ?
I’m using the cube orange with a 6S battery, now the voltge measured with my multimeter is 22,83V and i hear the voice “warning, battery 22,83V 100%” but this value is not 100%! Anyway, the BATT_VOLT_MULT is now at 9,990977

Battery Capacity is not calculated, so every time you power up it’s assumed to be 100%.
That “100%” is not the same as the fully charged voltage, but the mahr available. The problem is without a smart battery monitoring system, there’s no way to know how much mahr is available either.

For any serious work you would never power up without a full battery and all the correct mahr settings in place.

EDIT: so ignore the “100%” bit and ensure all your other voltage settings and failsafes are correct

Ok but I’m using the mauch PL200 sensor, how to show the mah values?