Cube orange ignores Irlock during land


Im testing landing on platform equiped with irlock. Out of 13 tries drone landed just fine in 9 of them. But after 9th landing it started ignoring IRlock. I switched to RTL, drone came back above platform as usual but during descent and landign phase it totally ignores irlock. It happend 3 more times after that and then i restarted whole system and everything went back working normally (all landings on irlock were successful after restart.). Same thing happend to me like 2 months ago as well.

Im attaching log files.

I checked logs as well but for me everythings seems to be normal. Every single time there was target acquired by irlock camera, but drone just ignored it and i dont know why (as i said, out of 13 landings, last 4 of them were unsuccessful.). In some of the last 4 unsucessfull landings i had to take control to avoid crash landing (drone was landing out of platform).

Thanks to everyone willing to help.

We are using lightware sf11 and pixy irlock.

Bin log