Cube Orange Internal Errors 1000000

I’ve searched the forum for the answer but although it as been discussed, I don’t see a definitive answer. Do we know what’s causing the Internal Errors 1000000? Sometimes the error presents with 169 imu_reset and sometimes not.

The errors happen randomly while in the air, on the ground, or connected to USB so there’s no obvious cause in relation to connection type or anything like that.

Is this most likely a hardware issue? I’ve refreshed many times for various reasons but the error still randomly presents.

Have you got a .bin log file with that happening?
There’s a few things we can check.

I’ll upload one once I am able to reach the SD card. Ardupilot is having issues downloading the logs via USB.

I have seen the internal error on two out of 4 blueH7 boards. From what I can tell, the boards with the logo on the left seem to be the culprit.

Are the different logos indicative of different batches? which one is the newer version? Why would there be differences between the blueH7s?

I see in the latest AP firmware, they’ve set the second IMU as default. I’m going to update and see if that resolves some issues. One of the 1000000’s I’m getting is 169 imu_reset.

4.3.3 eliminates this issue 100%

Thanks to @sidbh for all the hard work on chasing down this issue

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The bug affects all ICM20602 sensors from invensense, but it is extreamly random in its nature.

it simply corrupts the temperature reading on the sensor in the FIFO data. this is very easy to detect, and a soft reset of the fifo throws out the bad data and doesn’t continue showing issues.

the issue was more about how we reacted to the data, than the issue itself. we over reacted by making this an “internal error” when it should smply have reset the data… however, at the time, more effort was needed to ensure there was no risk to fligh, and there is no risk to flight.