Cube Orange Main PWM pin7 not working

I am working on a dual Heli prototype and I am using Pixhawk cube orange. I had servo(1-6) outputs on PWM main out pins 1 - 6 and Heli RSC on PWM pins 7 and 8 for main rotor throttle control.
One day while testing my vehicle, one ESC stopped working. After basic debugging I realized that ESCs are fine but one of the Pixhawk Main PWM output pin 7 is not giving proper signal. You can check the signal outputs below for both pin 7 and pin 8.
Now, I am using AUX pin 1 and 2 for throttle output. However I need your help to debug the above stated pin 7 not working problem.

PWM output

Mission planner servo output ss

You shared only the PWM output, the Mission Planner picture is the same picture.

How did you power up the ESC on PWM pin 7?

Hi @Alvin
Thanks for your response.
I powered my ESCs with 12s battery.
Just to confirm, I swapped the PWM signal to see if there is anything wrong with the ESCs, but I found that its Pixhawk’s main pin.
In that image you can see the difference in the output for pin 7 and pin 8, the signal strength and sloppy signal from PWM pin 7 (Yellow graph).
If anything else is required, tell me.

Can you try to activate pin7 via Motor Test in Mission Planner?

Did the ESC accidentally draw too many current from signal pin? Or did reverse voltage being applied to the ESC pin?

I have been using the same setup for more than 6 months. Something like this never happened.
However, our system has BEC, so there is a possibility that by mistake, signal wire got connected to the BEC 7.2 V output instead of signal pin, as from Pixhawk, only single wire is coming to the ESC.

Can you try to open the housing of carrier board, then probe if these 2 pins are still connecting?

Hi Alvin,
We have checked the continuity as you suggested. The 7th pin of APM Type A connector was connected to the Pin 7 signal of PWM out. And it’s not short with the ground.

Please contact your reseller for RMA.