Cube Orange MPN has Changed


I’ve been using Pixhawk Cube Orange on my drone and want to purchase more of the same model.
I noticed that the supplier has changed the MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) from HX4-06100 to HX4-06159, but there’s no information about this change on the internet.
Is there any difference between the two models? It’s critical to my application use.


I think they are part of the same thing, like a Cube Orange with carrier board and wiring kit.

The newer Cube Orange+ has a different SKU: HX4-06222
You will be lucky to get a standard Cube Orange now, since the + has been out for some time.

But fear not, unless you have modified the firmware yourself then both PX4 and Ardupilot “abstract” the minor hardware changes and your processes for setup and tuning remain exactly the same. Apart from mandatory calibrations you will find all other parameters behave in exactly the same way.