Cube orange not working with X8R

Dear all,

my setup consists of a cube orange (Pixhawk 2.1), which is connected to a X8R (SBUS <-> RCIN).
The X8R is paired with a FrSky Taranis, which is working so far. This has been confirmed on a Pixhawk 4 as well as directly checking the signals on the SBUS.
However, when I want to calibrate my radio (QGC/Mission Planner) it seems like nothing arrives on the cube. I tested with PX4 as well as Ardupilot, with similar result.

I am wondering if this is a hardware problem on the cube or am I missing something on the setup?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you using a standard carrier? Are you sure you are inputting the cables in the right place? You should input in the “PPM” labeled input, be careful that the “SBUSo” labeled header is in fact a SBUS output, it could confuse some people.

I am using the ADS-B Carrier Board and the receiver is connected to the RCIN header of the board, which should be correct according to the documentation.
The SBUSo is not connected.

Have you properly configured your radio for SBUS output instead of common PWM?

I am connected to the SBUS port on the X8R, as far as I am aware no further configuration is required.
I also tested the same setup (X8R+Taranis) on a Pixhawk 4 via SBUS where it works fine.

I really do not know how to help more with this.

Got a picture? Maybe that will show some clue

This is how I currently connect the X8R to the board

I dont see a reason why that wouldnt work.

Check your RC Protocols parameter, normal value is 1 for everything, try 8 for SBUS or 16 for inverted SBUS. That’s bit of a stretch though, it should just all work.

Maybe try updating your X8R to latest firmware?


Unfortunately not, due to time limitation I am back using the Pixhawk 4.

Only way I got my X8R to work with Orange Cube was still use the Telemetry cable