Cube orange on win10

Hi, i have wrong drivers on win10 for orange cube. On com ports i have cube orange bootloader (com3) and cube orange mavlink (com5) with error message.

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Is this a new cube ?

They now do not ship with firmware installed.

You can download the latest drivers here

You should follow this

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Yes new cube
I downloaded latest drivers et follow your second link. Same problem… Mission planner tell me the firmware is already on the board and i only see com3 cube orange bootloader.

Drivers are still wrong From the sounds of it.

Try installing plane firmware or one of the other ones

Also try Perform a driver flush in Mission planner by pressing Control F and then then flush the drivers. Reboot and install them again.

I try to install copter 4.0.3 official (still installed plane), same message ‘‘no need to upload, already on the board’’. Same with plane 4.0.6 beta.
While doing driver clean, i have no pop up or message telling me it’s done, normal ?

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Try installing the mission planner Beta from the help screen and at the bottom Click Beta updates.

This still sounds like there is a driver issue but give it a try.

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Same message with Beta firmaware, i have message telling board found on com3, but com5 unworking disappeared


No more idea ? My reseller told me to open ticket on before asking exchange or refund, do you know how to do it ?

One last thing you could try is reseating the cube on the carrier. Other than that I’d return it to reseller and let them test it.

It still sounds like drivers but I suggest they test it for you now.

There is no ticket system for returns and your supplier should be able to sort you out.

Ok, how can i reset cube on the carrier ?

Nobody ?

there are 4 screws in the bottom of the carrier board unscrew them and seperate cube from carrier board the put back together

Thanks, and so ?

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