Cube orange Plus boot up issue

Hi all,

We fly a fixed-wing aircraft with a Cube Orange Plus connected to peripherals such as Here 3 GPS, TBS nano receiver and the buzzer. The aircraft has flown multiple times thus far without any issues, until a couple of days ago when the cube orange started exhibiting a strange behavior during boot up.

Upon powering up the aircraft, pixhawk did not seem to receive power, and the following observations were made:

  1. The LED indicator on Pixhawk did not turn ON
  2. The peripherals did not receive power - the LED indicators on Here 3 and TBS nano were off.
  3. The buzzer made a click noise continuously ( 1 click per second approximately)

When this occured, the voltage supplied to Pixhawk was checked and was found to be 5.5V.

Next, the power supplied to pixhawk was cycled, and surprisingly, the cube orange booted up normally and the peripherals too received power. To further investigate, multiple power cycles were made, and the abovementioned issue was found to occur in only three of the 50 power cycles conducted. Clearly, this boot up issue is not consistently repeatable.

It would be helpful to know if anyone has encountered this issue and what the potential remedy could be.


Best Regards,