Cube orange plus Shutdown midair


we had an issue with one of our drones falling from the sky. The log shows all of the parameters to be normal until the crash. Then it just cuts off.
I have added the flighlog from that flight. I cant see anything out of the ordinary. The power distribution modules are custom design but we have ran extensive temperature tests from it. The only thing that I can imagine is the XT60 panel connector coming loose from the battery side, but i find that highly unlikely.

00000016.BIN (2.4 MB)

Hi Mr T
I think the Vcc is too low, average about 4.73 during flight. This could be a contributor.
It looks to me like the regulator is not set up correctly and it’s possible the flight controller shut off due to the low voltage, or maybe even the regulator itself shut down. This is not reflected in Flags but maybe there was no time to log the voltage loss.
A properly designed regulator should provide 5.0vdc (or even up to 5.3vdc) regardless of the battery voltage, within reason of course. I would like to see about 5.1 volts if it was my regulator.

Battery voltage looks OK for a 4 cell HVLiPo but the only thing I notice is in the graph of the sag-compensated voltage (VoltR) you see a slight dip right at the end before everything ends. This could be an indicator of a bad connection in the process of dying.

Apart from fixing the Vcc, I would definitely change to

Currently you have turned off the the very warnings that could have helped.

There’s no need to worry about features you might not be using, unless they are enabled they dont contribute to the pre-arm warnings.